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PostMaster Drive Kit

for Master Halco Post


For your PD-55 post driver

The PostMaster® Drive Kit is made to adapt the Rhino®
PD-55 Post Driver to drive the Master Halco® PostMaster
Plus® Series of Fence Posts. The kit includes a Post
Master® Adapter and a PostMaster® Slotted Chuck.

Rhino still carries the 4 lb Channel Post Adapter (P/N
070619) to drive the “Original PostMaster®” Post style. If
you are unsure which type of Master Halco® Post you are
using, visit for more information.

Order Info
  • PosterMaster Chuck
  • Master Halco PostMaster Plus
  • Master Halco PostMaster Fence Post
  • PostMaster Fence Post
  • PostMaster Plus Fence System