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Rental Pro Kit

Install Sign, Fence and Channel Post


Designed to meet the demands of rental customers and create revenue for rental store owners. This kit assembles the most commonly used adapters, chucks, and drive caps; used to drive t-post, fence post, pipe, tube, and channel into a variety of soil types. The bolt-on chuck allows the Rental Pro Kit to adapt to many different post shapes and sizes.

Features and Benefits :

– The compact, lightweight unit reduces user fatigue.
– Honda GX35 4 stroke engine eliminates the need to mix gas.
– Includes a square chuck with 2 drive caps for square tube breakaway signposts, 2¼” and 2½”. Additional sizes available
– Slotted Chuck included for Channel Posts.
– Accommodates the most frequently-driven municipal signposts.
– The design includes ergonomically balanced cushioned grip handles with Rhino® CIS™ anti-vibration dampening for operator comfort.
– The Rhino Chuck Lok™ system includes 1″, 1¾” and 2″ adapters that allow the operator to quickly adjust to driving different post sizes in the field.
– Made in the U.S.A.
– The Rhino® Pro-Series Transport Cart serves as storage and a display when not being rented.

This kit includes:

  • Rhino Multi-Pro XA Post Driver
  • Pro-Series Gas Post Driver Transport Cart
  • Multi-Pro Slotted Chuck
  • Multi-Pro XA Square Chuck
  • Drive Cap for 2-1/4″ Square Tube
  • Drive Cap for 2-1/2″ Square Anchor Tube
  • (1) Rhino Chuck-Lok System 2″ (50.8 mm) Adapter
  • (1) Rhino Chuck-Lok System 1-3/4″ (44.4 mm) Adapter
  • (1) Rhino Chuck-Lok System 1″ (25.4 mm) Adapter
Order Info
  • Rhino Rental Pro Kit
  • Rhino Post Driver Installing Channel Post
  • Inserting Drive Cap to Drive Square Anchor Post