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Gas Accessories

AccessoryPart #
Pro-Series Transport Cart - View More Info290050
Pro-Series Transport Case - View More Info301500
Extended Handles 2' or 4-1/2' - View More Info301250 / 301252
Ground Rod Installation Tool - View More Info300940
Lower Handle Assembly301233
Top Throttle301600
Fence Pro™ Service Kit301508
Ranch Pro™ Service Kit300508
Multi-Pro™ Service Kit301509
Ranch Pro™ 1" Adapter with Lock Pin300897
Drive Cap for 1.75" O.D. Pipe300957
Drive Cap for 2” O.D. Pipe300958

Drive Cap for 2.25” O.D. Pipe300959

Drive Cap for 2.5” O.D. Pipe300960
Multi-Pro™ 1” Chuck-Lok™ Adapter300900
Multi-Pro™ 1.75” Chuck-Lok™ Adapter300895
Multi-Pro™ 2” Chuck-Lok™ Adapter300902
Multi-Pro™ Chuck-Lok™ Locking Nut301920
Multi-Pro™ XA 3" Wood Square Post Chuck301415
Multi-Pro™ XA 3.5" Wood Square Post Chuck301403
Multi-Pro™ XA 4" Wood Square Post Chuck301405
Multi-Pro™ XA 3" Large Adapter Plate301400
Multi-Pro 2.5” I.D. Master Chuck301158

Multi-Pro™ and Multi-Pro™ XA Square Chuck301425