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PDT Transport Cart


For your PD-55, PD-110 or PD-140 driver & accessories

Self-contained units include the following items:

(PDT-55 Unit Shown)

  • PD-55 Post Drive
  • Chuck Adapters as Shown Below
  • 20.5 ft Air Hose
  • Throttle Valve
  • Filter-Regulator-Lubricator
  • Extra Washers & Bolts
  • Extra Safety Clips
  • 1 qt Non-detergent Oil
  • Operating & Safety Instructions

Great choice for rental
The PDT comes with containers for storing oil and the pneumatic driver manual, keeping everything needed for the unit in one place.

Make your own kit
Options for configurations without post driver, Transport only, and Total Solution with MP-3 Post Puller are available.