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HPP 18V Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Packs


Rhino™ Hydraulic Power Packs are the power source companions for Rhino’s hydraulic tools. Rhino™ HPPs are designed for professional users who expect maximum operating time, low service cost and durability. The Rhino™ HPP 18V Flex™ has an adjustable flow to supply a wide range of attachable tools.

The Rhino™ HPP 18 Flex™ is equipped with the Vanguard 18 Hp (gross power) 4-stroke gas (petrol) engine.  The Vanguard engine is efficient, powerful and has a built-in run safe feature that switches off the engine if the oil runs low.

Rhino Hydraulic Power Packs are easy to operate, provide more power and low fuel consumption. The units are light, compact, and with their extending handles, are easy to transport.