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For your PD-55, PD-110 or PD-140 driver

Rhino’s FRL and Carrier are a compact, lightweight, easy to use
system for filtering, regulating and lubricating air leaving your
compressor. It is highly recommended that a FRL be used with your
post driver to help avoid damage to downstream equipment.
The Rhino FRL is custom designed for optimal efficiency with
Rhino’s Pneumatic Post Drivers insuring minimal maintenance and
reduced downtime over the life of the tool.

(Shown with FRL and Carrier)

  • Easy to attach to general use compressed air systems.
  • Filter component improves high moisture removal efficiency.
  • Filter extends the life of downstream equipment.
  • Filter reduces contaminant related equipment failure.
  • Accurate pressure regulation.
  • Steady atomizing mist lubrication during air flow.
  • Non-detergent or non-synthetic oil recommended.
  • Rhino FRL maximizes compressor efficiency when supplying Rhino Pneumatic Post Drivers.
  • FRL Carrier
  • FRL