A fence contractor in the El Paso area contracted to install thousands of t-posts for a fence in extremely rough terrain. Access to the area was extremely limited. Crews were restricted from using vehicles on site.

The Challenge:
Install thousands of posts in exceedingly difficult terrain.

The Solution:
Crews equipped with highly portable drivers and material slings to backpack in the posts.

The Tools:
Rhino GPD 30, material slings. This model is now called the Ranch Pro Post Driver.

The Result:
Fence installed ahead of schedule and under budget.


More customer stories:

Our farm is in Bell County, TX and we were having a boundary survey performed. With the tall grass, it was difficult to see and find the pins for the survey. So we used the tool to set T-posts close to the survey pins so they could be more easily found. (Learned this technique from a forester in Georgia) The surveyors were impressed. They had never seen a post driven so quickly with so little effort.

Charles Newsom


I bought a Rhino GPD-30 on July 5th and at last got a a chance to use it on a VERY hard job. We needed to drive Approx. 450 T-post in rock and clay, and I admit I had my doubts about it working (after owning a Rhino PD55). Boy was I wrong, I believe it will pay for itself on this one job. Very happy with the machine.


Pete LaCount

Pete’s Custom Fencing