Tent Stakes

A customer approached our booth at a recent tradeshow and mentioned that her company had experience a rash of injury claims against their workers compensation insurance due to injuries received while the crews were installing tent stakes. She revealed that the process that they use for installation used several systems. Sledge hammers, jack hammers and gas-powered breakers were all used to drive tent stakes. She inquired if our system would be less likely to cause injury.

The Challenge:
Quickly install tent stakes with minimal injury risk to the tent crews.

The Solution:
Eliminate the tools for the existing process and re-tool.

The Tools:
A modified PD 55 with 2 ½ tent stake adapter, and Kaeser M 15 air compressor.
 We would now recommend the Rhino Multi-Pro Tent Stake Driver. No need for a compressor and can be operated safely by one installer.

The Result:
Lowered the injury claims against the company and increased the speed at which the company crews were able to install tents.


More customer stories:

We initially purchased and used four of the first generation GPD-30, then added four more of the second generation, GPD-40, and now we have field tested and own 8 of the Rhino Multi-Pro drivers. Rhino’s gas drivers are absolutely our guys’ tool of choice. Our crew installs 40 to 50 tents per weekend, and they leave the Wackers’ and Altas Copcos’ in the shop and go straight for the Rhinos.

In addition, we have sold over 20 gas drivers to fellow tent companies, and they love them. On top of that, the service we have received from Jim and his staff at Rhino has been wonderful.

Bart Nye
Prime Time Party Rental