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Faster Tent Installations

Get tent stakes in the ground in half the time.

Rhino Tent Stake Drivers only need one installer.

Tent Installers

Large temporary tent installations, whether they are Pole, Frame or Carnival tents, all must be anchored properly to insure the safety of the rental customer and their guests. Adding to the challenges of installing a football field size tent is getting tent stakes and anchors securely in the ground with speed and consistency. The Rhino Multi-Pro Tent Stake Driver addresses these issues and more. Designed specifically for professional tent installers, the Multi-Pro TS can drive through almost any terrain, even asphalt, although pre-drilling is recommended. The reliable Honda GX35 4-stroke engine makes it easy to pick up the machine and immediately start driving stakes. Safer than hammers, plus the top throttle reduces bending for the installer. Almost as important as getting a tent up quickly is taking it down fast. Rhino’s line of post pullers does just that and they are as easy to use as our post drivers.