Transport Kit

Store, display & transport your PD-45, PD-55, PD-110 or PD-140 driver & accessories
Self contained units include the following items:
PDT-55 Unit Shown
– PD-55 Post Driver
– Chuck Adapters as Shown Below
– 15’2″ Air Hose
– Throttle Valve Kit
– Filter-Regulator-Lubricator
– Extra Washers & Bolts
– Extra Safety Clips
– 1 qt Non-detergent Oil
– Operating & Safety Instructions
Options for configurations without post driver, Transport only, and Total Solution with MP-3 Post Puller are available.
Model/Part No. Specifications Order #
PDT-45 Transport Cart Only 071200
PDT-45 Transport Kit PD-45 and 4 Chuck Adapters 071215
PDT-45 Total Solution PDT-45 Transport Kit with MP-3 Post Puller 071268
PDT-55 Transport Cart Only 071201
PDT-55 Transport Kit PD-55 and 4 Chuck Adapters 071216
PDT-55 Total Solution PDT-55 Transport Kit with MP-3 Post Puller 071269
PDT-110 Transport Cart Only 071202
PDT-110 Transport Kit PD-110 and 2 Chuck Adapters 071217
PDT-110 Total Solution PDT-110 Transport Kit with MP-3 Post Puller 071270
PDT-140 Transport Cart Only 071203
PDT-140 Transport Kit PD-140 and 2 Chuck Adapters 071218
PDT-140 Total Solution PDT-140 Transport Kit with MP-3 Post Puller 071271