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I purchased the GPD-40 Rhino with a little reserve because of the price but after using it I can’t believe I waited so long to get one. We have been Installing 1300 ft of 6ft Chain Link Fence and driving the post is now a breeze no more betting yourself up with a Manuel post driver . We drove over 100 post in two days and that was the first time using the driver and no sore muscles . Love it and should have bought one sooner.

Jim Bondurant


We initially purchased and used four of the first generation GPD-30, then added four more of the second generation, GPD-40, and now we have field tested and own 8 of the Rhino Multi-Pro drivers. Rhino’s gas drivers are absolutely our guys’ tool of choice. Our crew installs 40 to 50 tents per weekend, and they leave the Wackers’ and Altas Copcos’ in the shop and go straight for the Rhinos.

In addition, we have sold over 20 gas drivers to fellow tent companies, and they love them. On top of that, the service we have received from Jim and his staff at Rhino has been wonderful.

Bart Nye
Prime Time Party Rental

Our farm is in Bell County, TX and we were having a boundary survey performed. With the tall grass, it was difficult to see and find the pins for the survey. So we used the tool to set T-posts close to the survey pins so they could be more easily found. (Learned this technique from a forester in Georgia) The surveyors were impressed. They had never seen a post driven so quickly with so little effort.

Charles Newsom

I bought a Rihno GPD-30 on July 5th and at last got a a chance to use it on a VERY hard job. We needed to drive Approx. 450 Tee post in rock and clay, and I admit I had my doubts about it working (after owning a Rihno PD55). Boy was I wrong, I believe it will pay for itself on this one job. Very happy with the machine.
Pete LaCount
Pete’s Custom Fencing

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pour own a vineyard in Red Bud, Illinois where Mike had previously put in 600 posts by hand and was facing with daunting task of 1100 more. Mike purchased the GPD-30 from Rhino Tools and contacted them about how he could use this powerful little driver for notched grape stakes, rather than usual T-posts. Mike was thrilled with his experience and recalls that Rhino ‘bent over backwards’ to help him out and provided a modified chuck that ‘worked like a dream’. Mike was able to put in 1100 posts over 4 weekends, driving the stake down 4 ft in 15-20 seconds, which he describes as ‘slick as a whistle’. Mike said, “The only downside to the driver is that now every weekend I have a friend or a neighbor that is begging to borrow it.”

Subject: Rhino Gas Post Driver

Just wanted to let you know that the Rhino driver I purchased several weeks ago is one hell’uva small piece of equipment. It drives fence posts in a flash. In fact, some of the posts are too low. It’s simply amazing to see how such a small tool can do so much.

Dave W. Holland
Lawrenceville Fence Co.