Rhino® HBR 22™

HBR 22 Rhino® HBR 22™ is an exceptionally handy lightweight chipping hammer designed for horizontal breaking in walls, brick wall and reinforced concrete. The low weight and compact design makes it very suitable for narrow working places. The HBR-22 is a very popular breaker among contractors, telecom, supply companies (power-water-gas-sewage), and is a true “hit” for rental.

  • Low weight
  • Compact design
  • Highest power to weight when compared to any air, electric or hydraulic alternative
  • Virtually no maintenance

The RHINO® HBR 22™ can be used with the HPP 13™ or HPP 18V™ Power Packs as well as other hydraulic power systems power systems such as utility truck or mini excavator with the use of Rhino’s flow control devices.


Part No.: 801110
Standard Equipment: 5′ Hose whip, Quick Connect Couplings
Weight, lb: 22
Length, in: 22
Oil flow, gpm: 5
Working pressure, psi: 1450
Max. pressure, psi: 220
Blow frequency, 1/min: 2100
Blow Energy, ft/lbs: 16
Vibration level (3 axis) m/s²: less than 9.6
Tool option, in: .580 Hex


Accessory Order #
Oil Flow Diverter 801005
Extension Hose (20′) 801226
Extension Hose (33′) 801227
HPP 13 Power Pack 801213
HPP 18V Power Pack 801214