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Guardrail Pro

Omni Adjustable Pile Driver


The Guardrail Pro Pile Driver Attachment is Omni Adjustable to ensure precise, prompt, and plumb, pile installations regardless of the jobsite terrain. Designed to expedite the installation of steel or timber guardrail posts utilized in highway guardrail systems. This professional-grade skid steer attachment is designed, built, and supported in the USA to provide shorter lead-times and unmatched product support. It’s omni adjustable, powerful 800 ft. lb. (1,085 joule) hydraulic hammer safely increases jobsite productivity and profits.

Features and Benefits
  • Mast tilts 2 degrees right, 90 degrees left, and 10 degrees front/back.
  • Attachment adjusts 10 in. front-to-back, and 24 in. left to right.
  • Accommodates guardrail posts up to 8.5’ (259 cm) tall.
  • Driving Head and Bottom Guide each hold pile for efficient driving.
Utilize existing company owned (or rental) hydraulic operated skid steer.
  • No need for an expensive self-propelled pile driver to complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Universal Skid Steer mounting plate for quick attachment to most units. Rhino provided, custom mounting plate available on request.
State-of-the-art, Furukawa Fx 55 Hydraulic Hammer with 2-year warranty.
  • Designed for efficient driving, dependability, and long life.
  • Powerful 800 ft. lbs. (1,085 joules) of impact energy per stroke (approx. 1,000 blows/min.)
  • New and improved piston (increased diameter and longer stroke) increases speed – Providing greater impact energy.
  • Mono-block design – Reduced maintenance with only two moving parts.
Optional Accessories
  • Pile Puller Kit – offers an integrated, vibratory assist, pile puller feature for tough pulling tasks.
  • Pile Lift Kit – features a magnetic lift assist that attaches to the pile or post, to aid in manipulating the post into a vertical position.
  • Adapters and Guides – Common post/pile sizes offered. Custom adapter fabrication available.
Warranty – 1-Year on materials and workmanship / 2-Years on the Furukawa Hydraulic Hammer.
  • Parts and service available throughout the USA.
  • Readily available SAE fittings and hardware – Overnight shipment available on most parts.
  • Hydraulic components are inventoried, or repairable by most local hydraulic repair shops.
Quality US materials and workmanship for dependability, minimal maintenance, and a long operating life.
Order Info
  • Guardrail Pro Skid Steer Mounted Pile Driver Attachment
  • Guardrail Pro Skid Steer Mounted Pile Driver Attachment
  • Guardrail Post Puller
  • Guardrail Pro Bottom Guide Foot
  • Guardrail Pro Skid Steer Mounted Pile Driver Attachment
  • Pile Puller Pull Shackle
  • Magnetic Lift for Guardrail Pro
  • Solar Pro Skid Steer Transport