Hydraulic Submersible Pumps

Rhino® Hydraulic Water Pumps
Hydraulic submersible pumps are designed for the high demands in the construction industry.

Rhino® pumps feature VORTEX technology. VORTEX pumps are designed especially for dirty water with even very large solids. Submersible Rhino® Hydraulic Water Pumps are lightweight and portable, providing the best performance-to-weight ratio in the industry. Their proven, durable designs do not require water for cooling and can be run dry.

Designed to consistently pump large volumes of liquids, these compact units are ideal for pumping out vaults, trenches, ditches, ponds, tanks, pools, etc. They are a favorite in the agricultural, construction, mining, public works, utilities and transportation industries. 3 sizes to choose from 2-inch, 3 inch and 4-inch.

RHINO® Hydraulic Submersible Pumps can be used with the HPP 13 and HPP 18V Power Packs as well as other hydraulic power systems with the use of Rhino’s flow control devices.

Pump Performance
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