PD-140S Post Driver

The PD-140S is the modified version of the PD-140 for added flexibility to drive sheet piling. While capable of driving everything the PD-140 is capable of driving, the PD-140S has been fitted with a slotted master chuck which allows the sheet pile to pass through the chuck to engage the piston.

Model: PD-140S Heavy Duty Slotted Sheet Pile Post Driver.
Model Number: 070017
Equipped With: Silt Fence Master Chuck
Air Consumption: 64 CFM @ 100psi (0.85m3/min @ 6.21Bar)
Weight: Approx. 46.3lbs(21kg)

PD-140S Accessories

Accessory Description Order #
Throttle Valve Kit with 2′ Hose Whip 600000
Additional Hose Length for Throttle Valve Kit (600000) 605006
Filter-Regulator-Lubricator 601128
Carrier for Filter-Regulator-Lubricator 225001
The Master Chuck on the PD-140S is equipped with chuck adapter lugs and is capable of utilizing the standard PD-140 chuck adapters, part numbers 070634, 070635, 070636, 070637, 070640, 070641, 070642, 070874, and 071015.