Rhino® HBR-90


At approximately 77 lbs, Rhino® HBR 90™, is in the 90 lb breaker classification and has a higher performance-to-weight ratio than other hydraulic, pneumatic or electric breakers. Continuous component lubrication reduces wear, minimizes maintenance and extends product life.

HBR 90 will demolish heavy reinforced concrete, asphalt, block, brick, rock and many other materials. The RHINO® HBR 90 comes equipped with our HYD-VIBE vibration-dampened handle. Front heads are available to fit all standard steel tools.
• Integrated handle vibration system
• Ergonomically balanced design
• One-piece valve shuttle
• Twin Accumulators for maximized impact energy
• Higher power-to-weight ratio than typical 90 lb breakers.
• Shank sizes: 1-1/8″ or 1-1/4″
• Full Power feature at 10 gpm.

The RHINO® HBR 90™ can be used with the HPP 13™ or HPP 18V™ Power Packs as well as other hydraulic power systems power systems such as utility truck or mini excavator with the use of Rhino’s flow control devices.


Part No.: 801170
Standard Equipment 1′ Hose whip, Quick Connect Couplings
Weight, lb: 77
Length, in: 30.8
Oil flow, gpm: 8-10
Working pressure, psi: 1950
Max return pressure, psi: 220
Blow frequency, 1/min.: 1100-1440
Blow energy, ft/lbs.: 100
Vibration level (3 axis) m/s²: Less than 10.7
Tool size, hex, in: 1-1/8 x 6 or 1-1/4 x 6


Accessory Order #
Oil Flow Diverter 801005
Hydraulic Extension Hose (20′) 801226
Hydraulic Extension Hose (33′) 801227
HPP 13 Power Pack 801213
HPP 18V Power Pack 801214